Wednesday Night 3way – Radio Now!

I notice a lot of searching going on on my blog…now, I wholly encourage searching my blog because you will find some amazing, fascinating, amusing and sexy things. However, my concern is that a lot of people are searching for information on where to listen to the current radio show – The Wednesday Night 3way with me, Raylene and Derrick Pierce – and are somehow ending up on older pages of the blog, therefore getting outdated information on how to listen to the radio show!

I no longer have a radio show on Sirius/XM – Playboy/Spice Radio. They made some changes in programming and their new phone sex style wasn’t my style so I have moved on. I can now be heard LIVE every Wednesday evening from 9-10pm PST on Even better than listening you can now WATCH the show!

Best of all, you can watch it whenever YOU want…and it’s downloadable on iTunes and/or you favorite podcasting software.


For more details you can go to my blog all about the show:

…go to the our website:,

follow us on

or go directly to




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