May the Fourth be with You…

Today I was standing outside a restaurant in North Hollywood (only because I am staging a house there, not because I have turned Hipster) with Mel while Andy went in to get us some lunch to go. I am wearing a Star Wars t-shirt because it’s May the 4th. I am just watching the world go by and this guy in a really cool Star Wars shirt walks past and says “May the Fourth be with You!” To which I smiled and replied “Always!”

It was just a fun moment that gave me a smile and made my day. Because it was just that; fun.

Which made me think of all the naysayers spouting off on the internet today about how today isn’t the day we should be celebrating Star Wars, that May 25th is the proper anniversary, the anniversary of it’s release. Okay, I get that, and agree…however….my English husband had a good point:

Star Wars wasn’t released worldwide on May 25th, 1977. Only in North America. The UK release wasn’t until December 27th, 1977. Therefore is it correct to demand that “Star Wars Day” is May 25th? Seems a little self-centered to assume everyone should celebrate the AMERICAN release date. Release dates have varied all over the world.

Which brings me back to today, May the Fourth. Yes, it is a whimsical play on words. True, it isn’t the anniversary that so many geeks hold so dear to their hearts. But, it’s FUN. It’s silly. What is wrong with getting to celebrate Star Wars TWICE IN ONE MONTH? In a world that could use a smile, a laugh and a little extra celebration I say to all those purists and naysayers – get over yourselves and stop being curmudgeonly. Put a little lisp in your speech today and have a bit of fun.

May the Fourth be with You!


PS. Here is the link to my blog on Star Wars XXX in honor of May the Fourth. What an adventure! —>>> Star Wars XXX BTS!!!


You might wonder why, since I am no longer an active performer, am I concerned about Prop60? Well, the fact of the matter is that since my husband and I work in set design on adult movies, Prop 60, if it passes, WILL affect us, our work and our income. It makes us liable and could affect us personally and place us in danger. Prop 60 will affect our friends, many of which we regard as family, and their livelihood. Prop 60 will put our friends, colleagues, their families and their neighbors in harms way. It will affect not only the performers, but the people who work on the movies as crew, the people who work in the companies, the people and businesses who work with those companies… and, should these people and companies choose to move away from their homes in Los Angeles, it will affect our local businesses and communities, including misappropriation of government funds that should be going to much more important issues, like healthcare and education.

All this being said, Prop 60 is way more corrupt than it seems. It has NOTHING to do with safety in the workplace, as they would have you believe with their wording on the ballot. It has to do with one man’s greed, his power, his lies. Prop 60 affects everyone in California, because this proposition passing will not only affect the adult industry and the product we provide (worldwide), but it will also affect you, the California taxpayer, because you will be supporting this man – Michael Weinstein – by paying the salary of his self appointed job which is basically watching adult movies in search of violations so that he can sue the people in the movies if he finds violations of the “laws” he has written into the proposition. So yes, in short, you will be paying a man an exorbitant salary to watch porn, harass, humiliate and endanger adult performers and everyone involved in production.

If that isn’t enough, he has written in the proposition that ANY Californian who watches a movie/scene and finds a “violation” can then be a ‘whistleblower’ and SUE the performers, directors, companies, crewmembers (etc) that were involved in the production of the movie. Meaning civilians will be able to have access to our personal information – names, addresses and so on – in order to sue us and PROFIT. It will become a witch hunt. It will be dangerous. Fans, stalkers, haters, organizations with agendas or even just people looking to make money will be able to show up on our doorsteps!

The ONLY institution in support of Prop 60 is Michael Weinstein himself. He claims to be for performer safety in the workplace, yet has never once spoken to ANYONE in the adult industry and refuses all invitations and attempts to do so. Instead he slut-shames and claims the adult industry is a health threat to society. He seeks to destroy the industry testing protocols currently in place which would then make our workplace less safe. He spends millions of AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) donation money attacking the adult industry. Money that should be spent helping and educating people.

All this information I have written about is just the tip of the iceberg on what will happen if this proposition passes.

Adult performers ALL oppose Prop 60. All major newspapers, organizations and institutions oppose Prop 60. Doctors, educators and Civil Rights Organizations oppose Prop 60. The Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the Libertarian Party ALL oppose Prop 60.

Prop 60 is harassment. Prop 60 is unconstitutional. It’s a violation of privacy. Prop 60 is dangerous. Prop 60 is NOT about performer safety. Please, when you vote this November, Vote NO on Prop 60.

Please watch the attached videos by my dear friend Julia Ann. Share it with anyone and everyone. Don’t let this horrible, corrupt, power-hungry man push this absurd proposition through. #NoProp60

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In addition, below are a few excellent links to some articles you should read:

Salon – Sex, Lies & Videotape: Californians will be voting on whether to require porn actors to wear condoms – Why?

The Advocate – Suing Pornstars Will Not Lead To Less HIV

The Hollywood Reporter – Porn Workers Take to the Streets to Protest condom Measure “It’s Harassment” – Hundreds Protest Proposed California Law Requiring the Use of Condoms in Porn

HIV Plus Magazine – 10 Worst Offenses of AIDS Healthcare Foundations Michael Weinstein – No On California Proposition 60 Part 2; Now it’s Personal!

Porn Star Motel – Nude Photo Project


Please check out and support this most awesome project by my dear friend Red Ezra – it’s sexy as hell!

It features so many major stars, including jessica drake, Asia Carrera, Belladonna, Aiden Starr, Aria Giovanni, Sasha Grey, Stephanie Swift, Tabitha Stevens, Kirsten Price, Joanna Angel, Kimberly Kane, Eva Angelina, myself and so many more!

Porn Star Motel – Nude Photo Project by Red Ezra


Porn Star Motel – Nude Photo Project by Red Ezra

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My brand new store

I tweet with SO many fans on a daily basis who claim to have seen all my movies.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the attention & all… but REALLY, you have seen ALL of my movies!

Hell, even I haven’t seen all of my movies!!

Anyway, to try & alleviate this problem I have teamed up with adult DVD empire to try & bring you every single one of my movies in one simple format, so click on the pic below to get access to over 500 DVD’s that star little ol’ me.

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A Brush with Fame

Funny thing…

We were just watching the pilot of Gang Related (Fox) and I kept trying to figure out who the main task force guy is… I just couldn’t place him. I knew he was one of those actors that has done a million different TV shows and movies… his name is Terry O’ Quinn. So I looked him up on IMDB. Lost, West Wing, NCIS, Alias…all well known shows but nothing I ever made a habit of watching. The X-Files maybe? It was bugging me that I just couldn’t place him.

I scrolled down some more, looking through his IMDB history, still wondering why he looked SO familiar. Then I saw it.

Tales From The Crypt
Inspector Martin Zeller
The Bribe (1994)

Duh. Of course he looks familiar. I danced for him (well, at him really) and tore off a piece of my costume and threw it at him. I played a stripper (yeah, it’s a stretch, I know) in the opening of the episode and he is the fire inspector coming in to shut the club down.

I was just a blonde newbie then, I had been making movies for maybe 3 months and had just moved to Los Angeles.

Random Kylie Fact: I bought that outfit from the show and danced in it while I was on tour for nearly 10 years. The last time I did a show, I wore that outfit. I still have it.

So there ya go.


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It’s podcast #27… FINALLY!

In this weeks show we play catch up yet again.

Me & Andy discuss behind the scenes antics from our last 4 movies, including how to prevent dumb girls killing themselves with props, Tommy Pistol Vs Willy Wonka, the joy of Kirsten Price & also featuring the return of THE NEWS.

Ride or Die



5 shoot days.
Hot chicks.
Fast cars.
Street racing.
Gun fights.
Armored car heists.
Epic locations.
Action sequences.
And some very hot sex scenes.

Coming soon from Digital Playground and director Jakodema…

Ride or Die.

Not much else needs to be said, so I will let the photos do the talking. They are in no particular order.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ride or Die:

Starring Mia Malkova, Derrick Pierce, Selena Rose, Lola Fox, Aidra Fox, Riley Reed, Karlo Kerra, Ike Diesel, Marco Banderas, Tony Ribas, Steven St. Croix and more.

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The slideshow above is a compilation of photos taken throughout the shoot by talent and crew working on the set. Special thanks to everyone who allowed me to steal their photos off Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to add to my own in order to make this blog much more impressive. Photos by Mia Malkova, Aidra Fox, Jakodema, RZO, Seth Cardigan, Shylar Cobi, Andy Appleton, Kylie Ireland, Billy da Kid, Richie, Erick and AJ Bucks.

Art direction, set design and props by Kylie Ireland and Andy Appleton.


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