A Brush with Fame

Funny thing…

We were just watching the pilot of Gang Related (Fox) and I kept trying to figure out who the main task force guy is… I just couldn’t place him. I knew he was one of those actors that has done a million different TV shows and movies… his name is Terry O’ Quinn. So I looked him up on IMDB. Lost, West Wing, NCIS, Alias…all well known shows but nothing I ever made a habit of watching. The X-Files maybe? It was bugging me that I just couldn’t place him.

I scrolled down some more, looking through his IMDB history, still wondering why he looked SO familiar. Then I saw it.

Tales From The Crypt
Inspector Martin Zeller
The Bribe (1994)

Duh. Of course he looks familiar. I danced for him (well, at him really) and tore off a piece of my costume and threw it at him. I played a stripper (yeah, it’s a stretch, I know) in the opening of the episode and he is the fire inspector coming in to shut the club down.

I was just a blonde newbie then, I had been making movies for maybe 3 months and had just moved to Los Angeles.

Random Kylie Fact: I bought that outfit from the show and danced in it while I was on tour for nearly 10 years. The last time I did a show, I wore that outfit. I still have it.

So there ya go.


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