May the Fourth be with You…

Today I was standing outside a restaurant in North Hollywood (only because I am staging a house there, not because I have turned Hipster) with Mel while Andy went in to get us some lunch to go. I am wearing a Star Wars t-shirt because it’s May the 4th. I am just watching the world go by and this guy in a really cool Star Wars shirt walks past and says “May the Fourth be with You!” To which I smiled and replied “Always!”

It was just a fun moment that gave me a smile and made my day. Because it was just that; fun.

Which made me think of all the naysayers spouting off on the internet today about how today isn’t the day we should be celebrating Star Wars, that May 25th is the proper anniversary, the anniversary of it’s release. Okay, I get that, and agree…however….my English husband had a good point:

Star Wars wasn’t released worldwide on May 25th, 1977. Only in North America. The UK release wasn’t until December 27th, 1977. Therefore is it correct to demand that “Star Wars Day” is May 25th? Seems a little self-centered to assume everyone should celebrate the AMERICAN release date. Release dates have varied all over the world.

Which brings me back to today, May the Fourth. Yes, it is a whimsical play on words. True, it isn’t the anniversary that so many geeks hold so dear to their hearts. But, it’s FUN. It’s silly. What is wrong with getting to celebrate Star Wars TWICE IN ONE MONTH? In a world that could use a smile, a laugh and a little extra celebration I say to all those purists and naysayers – get over yourselves and stop being curmudgeonly. Put a little lisp in your speech today and have a bit of fun.

May the Fourth be with You!


PS. Here is the link to my blog on Star Wars XXX in honor of May the Fourth. What an adventure! —>>> Star Wars XXX BTS!!!

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