‘Wednesday Night 3way’ our NEW Radio Show on ToadhopNetwork.com!

It’s true!

It’s a brilliant combination of two of my favorite radio shows I have ever done; The Friday Night 3way with Derrick Pierce on Playboy Radio (Sirius/XM) and Let’s Try Anything with Raylene on Spice Radio (Sirius/XM)….

…It’s The Wednesday Night 3way!

Starting Wednesday January 16th 2013 Raylene, Derrick and myself will be back on the air with a brand new radio show… on www.ToadHopNetwork.com!


Snarky, sexy & politically incorrect, The Wednesday Night 3way will quickly become your favorite guilty pleasure. Legendary adult performers Kylie Ireland, Raylene and Derrick Pierce discuss life, love, world events and the pursuit of carnal knowledge. Expect outrageous stories, epic rants, inflated opinions and things that would horrify your mother.


Here are the details:

What: The Wednesday Night 3way with Kylie Ireland, Raylene and Derrick Pierce

When: live every Wednesday evening from 9-10pm PST, starting January 16th

Where: at www.toadhopnetwork.com

How: available streaming live and for download so you can listen later, often, and repeatedly.

BONUS: www.toadhopnetwork.com is ‘Radio Worth Watching’! This means now you can watch us as we are broadcasting live – that’s right, there is a live streaming VIDEO FEED – we hope Raylene and I’s ample cleaveage doesn’t distract you from all our intelligence and wit.

FOLLOW US: Here is the link to the official Wednesday Night 3way blog… www.WednesdayNight3way.wordpress.com Go there, subscribe and learn more about us, the radio show, upcoming topics/guests, show recaps and photos!

FOLLOW US HERE TOO: www.twitter.com/wednight3way

Call in: 323-622-8623 ~ feign intelligence or risk mockery.


Watch my blog for more information as we know it. And follow us on Twitter for breaking details:









Join us for our first show on Jan 16th at 9pm PST! www.toadhopnetwork.com  – Radio Worth Watching!

ToadHopNetwork on Twitter: www.twitter.com/toadhopnetwork

ToadHopNetwork on Facebook: www.facebook.com/toadhopnetwork

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