Cowboys & Engines – Be a part of it!

Cowboys & Engines is an amazing project I am involved in right now. While I will let the info below speak for itself I will tell you that the people working on the project are not only all close friends of mine, but some of the most talented people I have ever known. We are all intensely passionate about this project and highly motivated.

Our role  on this project (Andy Appleton and myself) is mainly Art Direction, although I have been a part of this project since the very first spark of an idea.

Because films are not made by talent and wishes alone, we are asking you to be involved. I encourage you to read the words below, go to our Kickstarter page (Cowboys & Engines Kickstarter Page) and watch the video…be sure to look at the incentives we give you for helping us to fund this film…you can even get an acting role in it!

While donations to this project – no matter how small – are so very important, if you can’t help with the funding, you can help in another very important way: by helping us to spread the word. So please, help us by sharing this info on Facebook, retweeting it on Twitter, sharing it on blogs, etc.

Speaking of, here are the links for the Cowboy & Engines Twitter and FB:!/pages/Cowboys-Engines/461369903912913?fref=ts

We thank you in advance for your support!

And now…


Cowboys & Engines is an ambitious steampunk adventure that follows Cade Ballard (Jeff Cannata), the war-weary former ambassador from the nation of Texas as he meets Guinivere Wheeler (Libby Letlow), a woman who proves to be as dangerous as she is charming. When they encounter Professor Nicholas Timéon (Walter Koenig), and learn that his temporal engine, a machine with incredible destructive power, has been stolen by would-be conqueror Dr. Clay, Cade and Guinivere set off to save San Francisco from total destruction.

This film is a labor of love, and an attempt to create something completely original and visually stunning. The movie will be something we can all be proud of; a fun, exciting ride that never becomes silly or tongue-in-cheek.  The script is extremely tight, with sharp dialogue and great characters. The cast is first-rate, and though the creative professionals behind the camera might not be household names, they’re a respected team capable of working miracles.

Hollywood has failed miserably in its attempts to bring steampunk to the screen; we’re going to do it right. Cowboys & Engines is a festival piece that will redefine steampunk for the world at large as a way of re-imagining fantasy adventure.

….I know, sounds cool, right?

So, how do we help you ask? Well, here’s how:

1) Go check out our Kickstarter page: Cowboys & Engines Kickstarter Page

2) Read ALL about the project, who’s involved & what we plan to do.

3) Be AMAZED at the all star cast (and intrigued about our Mystery Hollywood A lister)

4) Decide what goodies you wanna receive & how much you can donate.


6) Spread the word: share, retweet, blog…


Cowboys & Engines Kickstarter Page

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