Eva Karera on Spice Radio – recap

Last night on my radio show early topics included Penis Parades, Wank-O-Meters, oral sex surveys, naked skiing & Vajazzling… and then a tall, raven haired Euro-beauty showed up to discuss porn in America, the dirty sex acts she loves and her new upcoming movie with Miko Lee –  Forbitten Lust . Miko was going to join us in studio but she cames down with a nasty cold, so she will be rescheduling soon…

It was epic…here are some show quotes from Sunday’s show for your entertainment and so if you don’t have Sirius/XM so you can see what you are missing!

Quotes from the radio show April 10, 2011; guest Eva Karera

Eva Karera



“That’s the fun of having a blog…I get 2 horrify u with my life…*evil laugh*Are you scared? Well you should be!” –Kylie

“Note to self: No street art or Sex before the radio show…it fucks me up.” –Kylie

“I love that I’m getting insulted by my Wank-O-Meter” –Kylie (Get yours here: http://bit.ly/htmbK8 avail for iPhone and Android)

“I love fucking American guys because of their accent, at first i thought it was their cock…” –Eva Karera

Have you had sex with Manuel [Ferarra]?” Kylie asked. “Yeah,” answers Eva, “but I didn’t have fun because he is French. I come to America I don’t want to fuck French men, I do that back home.”  

Gimme a call… unless you wanna talk dirty, then you can fuck off!” –Kylie

Oral sex…It’s the warm up to the ransacking of the vagina” – Audrey, the call screener chick

Being asleep or DEAD is NOT an excuse for not calling in to tell me your fetish!”–Kylie


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