Sinn Sage on Spice Radio – recap

 A special thank you to SinnSage who joined me on Spice Radio Saturday evening; she was an excellent interview, funny witty and sexy and loved talking to everyone who called in! She really needs her own radio show…

But until then, here are some show quotes from Saturday for your entertainment and so if you don’t have Sirius/XM so you can see what you are missing!

Quotes from the radio show April 9, 2011; guest Sinn Sage


Sinn Sage

“What? ‘Serial Abuse 2’? Does this including Fruit Loops or Corn Pops? “ -Kylie

“If you don’t know who I am…Google it or stop smoking so much pot … that’s the lesson of the day.” –Kylie

“My uncle was laughing at me … and i was like what are you laughing at? He said “Dude she pissed down your throat…” – caller on the subject of squirting

“…shut up you drunk whore!” -Kylie

I’ve always wanted to be in a porn parody.” said Sinn Sage. To which Kylie responded: “So you’re the one!”

“We’ve got Joe from Pennsylvania on hold. Says he’s banging a nun. I don’t think so.” -Kylie

You have a nice ass. I’ve seen it up close. My face was in it while you were bent over a desk.” -Kylie

I might lose an arm in a car accident.” said Sinn Sage “You could still have a porn career […] , Kylie informs her, “stumpfucking!”

“She said ‘Are you a lesbian?’ I answered,’Ummm… sure.’  And then she took me into the bathroom and raped me.” –Sinn Sage

Oh shit i had an accident … oh sorry me didn’t mean to shit on me…” – Sinn Sage on having anal sex with herself

You’re all freaks out there in Los Angeles, says the girl doing ball-busting videos.” -Kylie

“I never do Fetish-Thirty on time… it’s usually Fetish-Thirty-Four …or Half past Fetish-Thirty” -Kylie

“Sinn Sage… Cum gargling whore… coming soon to a DVD near you.” -Kylie

Sinn Sage on tattoo care: “Don’t bother with the lotion, just get some guys to cum on the tattoo.”

“Read my blog: This is what u will get from me: I just got pissed on…I’ll tell you about my cat…I’ll tell you about my art…” -Kylie

“If this is a real story, and two chicks are getting it on in the spa, you are not going to be invited.” –Sinn Sage to a caller

“You want me to talk dirty to you? It’s called!” -Kylie

“Look at my tits. Don’t they look great on the radio?” -Kylie


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One comment on “Sinn Sage on Spice Radio – recap

  1. Saturday was an Epic show! Sinn Sage was a great guest and together you guys were fucking hilarious. If you have the time I do have a question.

    I have noticed that girl/girl porn has really become the most erotic and well crafted of all the genres. It has a real beginning, middle and end. The plotlines are developed and there seems to be a focus.

    I know that you are a director and I have seen your work as an actress and have always been impressed with your level professionalism and dedication to detail.

    Is the girl/girl area where the industry has chosen to focus their real creative efforts?

    I did buy Sinn’s movie Cherry on Blu Ray and it is a true feature film. Much like the movies adult films in the late 70’s thru the early 90’s.

    I just turned 50 and recall the glory days of adult films and you are still a part of my dwindling but still wonderful DVD collection.

    As a director of live sports and concerts, I have often wondered why adult films did not use the multi camera style used in sitcoms and soaps. The sets are easy to build and the storylines could be crafted to make it work.

    To coin a KYLIE-ISM “just sayin.”

    Ah well your radio show is wonderful and your blogs are very well written and fun to read.

    Thank you for your ability as a communicator to give us a real view of the very multi talented women who choose to be in the adult industry because they love it.

    Clearly many of these women are very bright and very good businesswomen! You at the top of the list.

    You allcould have chosen any career path they wished and been a success.

    You and the many others in adult industry – like all other professions – when given the chance can produce true art.

    Sorry for the long note and Happy Birthday to Andy!

    All the best and if ever you need some help from DC just let me know.’

    Cheers and have a good week.


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