Have Your Cake & Fuck Me Too

This week is a special week around our place. You see, it’s AndyFest 2011.  

AndyFest began when I informed my husband that birthdays last an entire week not just one day….and it just so happens that his birthday was yesterday April 10th, kicking off AndyFest, and at the tail end of the AndyFest week is our Wedding Anniversary, this year being our first anniversary! Therefore let the celebrations commence!

Why am I telling you this? For one, if you follow me on Twitter or listen to my radio show you will hear me talking about it, so I figured I should clarify. Secondly, you will see some interesting photos and stories coming from this week. Third, everyone is encouraged to join us in celebrating AndyFest, in fact we encourage it!

To participate you should go to www.theandyappleton.com to read the awesome rules of AndyFest. It will also help you to understand the madness of it all. Trust me, it’s worth a click, it’s a good, humourous read.

Yesterday morning started off with me waking him up with sex, then handing him a gift (throughout AndyFest he will recieve one gift each day) and then making him breakfast of a birthday cake. Later in the afternoon I dressed in my “Fuck Me” panties and my glass heels and initiated more sex, of the most excellent and dirty kind, which included my metal balls (3lbs of steel each, similar to BenWah Balls only bigger, heavier and better), a cupping set (Google it if you don’t know) and various other toys used to fill all my holes in every way you can imagine.

Yes, it is possible I am the most awesome wife ever.

Meanwhile, here are few pix from Day 1 of AndyFest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To be continued…

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