Sexy New Happenings in MY World

It’s been a crazy couple days around here…working on production design Star Wars XXX, creating some new street art pieces and getting caught up in the whirlwind of press posting about DeeKay and Kylie Ireland being one and the same.


Right now Star Wars XXX is mostly still internet research and planning the construction of stuff…but that has kept us tethered to our computers…

New street art is the ‘sanity’ time…something to calm my brain when it becomes too saturated with production design – there really is a limit on how much Star Wars one can absorb after all.

being artsy...

Speaking of street art I do have to say I was surprised the media picked it up and ran with it as they did. I was a bit overwhelmed yesterday by all the press. To me the two entities are very separate – DeeKay and Kylie – yes, I know, I am a very typical Gemini personality… but a big thank you to all the sites – adult and mainstream – who covered the story: Laist, ZZ Insider, Luke Is Back, Pornstars After Hours , Adult FYI  Red Blooded Thing , and xBiz.




Other things of note:

Looking for DeeKay?

FREE stuff!

Did you miss my top blogs over the last few weeks? Never fear…

Lookin’ for some Sexy Time?

I have several awesome blogs in the pipeline…I will try to finish ‘em up later today…including a great Kylie rant in the works so check back often and/or sign up for my blog notifications…right now we are out the door to photograph some street art for

...lookin' fer trouble...

4 comments on “Sexy New Happenings in MY World

  1. Very cool,K. Your endless talent never ceases to amaze DJ and I. We think this is so cutting edge in regards to what anyone as seen as far as pure art goes and quite funky as urban art.
    Will you be selling any 8 x 10s to both Kylie and art fans in the future?

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