Under a Full Denim Moon: a Dirty Story

As I promised on my radio show Saturday night during Fetish:30, here is a dirty story of mine that covers several of my favorite fetishes. It’s a true story, although not one of my better written ones. In fact it was hastily written out in an email as I described the evening to a friend.

Still, it’s a damn good little piece of smut.



Under a Full Denim Moon

We have all these people from the movie shoot still temporarily living at our place.  Therefore, no privacy.  Especially since the warehouse loft we live in is essentially one big room.  Therefore the other night after a dinner meeting we were driving home and I told him to turn off on a side street.  After driving around a bit we found an empty lot, below the 5 freeway and the 6th street bridge.  The gate was open and there were these big bins toward the back full of cutoff denim jeans – just the legs.  Huge bins of them and piles more on the ground.  I was feisty and looking for a place to fuck…we wandered behind one of the bins and suddenly he grabbed me by the hair and bent me over, yanked up my skirt, licked my already wet pussy then shoved his cock in, fingering my ass while fucking me.  Before long I wanted it in my ass…and I got what I wanted.  He banged my ass hard, making me take it until he filled my ass with cum.  Turning around I told him I wasn’t done yet and please fuck my ass more, to which he did, pausing only momentarily to piss in my ass, which he knows when I am in this kind of fucked up horny-as-hell mood is great…the dirtier the sex, the better.  After filling my ass with piss he fucked me hard and fast, piss and cum running down my legs while I am fingering my dripping pussy.  Grabbing his hand I cup it around my pussy and fill his hand with my own hot piss.  He shoved his hand in my mouth and gives my ass another load of cum.

Out of breath I tell him he should throw me down in the pile of denim and rape me.  I try to run but suddenly I am face down in the denim, my hands behind my back and a cock deep in my ass.  I try to squirm and squeal but I can’t move, I can hardly breathe, I am coming hard and over and over again.  He pulls my hair and tells me to shut the fuck up or he will kill me…eventually, since I was a good whore I get more cum in my ass.  My pussy is dripping wet.  I am crazy, I just want more cock.  He shoves his cock in my mouth and I clean off the cum, piss and ass juice and tell him to shove it in my pussy.

As he is fucking my pussy I notice the full moon, the stars and the cars going by on the freeway.  No one notices us at all.  I need to pee, bad.  While he is fucking my pussy I let it go.  Piss flowing all over his cock, dripping down my ass…With four fingers in my ass and his cock ramming into me.  I am fantasizing about more guys being there…who is going to use me next, who is going to fuck my holes.  How many will hold me down, have their way with me.  I want more, I am craving more.  More cum for me.  This time in my mouth, I drink it up. Unbelievable how much cum for the good dirty little whore tonight.

As we are getting ready to leave I go to retrieve my panties from the car antenna and find myself bent over again.  Cock deep in my ass, hand around my throat.  Before I know it I am tingling and going out and come to face down on the trunk of the car with a cock deep in my ass…

I am such a dirty whore, covered in piss, cum and dirt.  Cunt dripping, makeup smeared, hair tangled.  And yet I want more…

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