FREE 8×10 pix + details


Just a quick note…I’ve been getting some questions about my Amazon Wishlist…

It seems occasionally the shipping address doesn’t come through when orders are placed (although it SHOULD and usually does) but in case it doesn’t here is the shipping address (please note because it HAS changed in the last 6 months – it is NO LONGER the Topanga Cyn/Chatsworth address):

Kylie Ireland
Ireland Ent Inc
4570 Van Nuys Blvd
Ste 372
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

All girls LOVE presents! Plus if you gift me, I gift you back! I will send you autographed 8x10s and/or Polaroid pix of me wearing/using/enjoyi​ng your gift. For larger gifts recieve a free membership​ to my website or I’ll make a ‘Kylie thank you gift package’ just for you!

To see a few examples of pix (the PG versions mind you…titties only on the blog!) I have sent as a thank you, see this blog entry: HOTHOTHOT!

ALSO: If you would like a FREE autographed 8×10 movie flyer – yes, I said FREE – all you have to do is send me a self-addressed, stamped 8×10 envelope (that way I don’t have to FOLD your autographed photo!) to the address above.

Go! Do it…now!

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