Wet & Wild Radio-Sun Recap

A quick note to say thank you to the very lovely Sinn Sage for coming out in the torrential downpour last night to join me for at least a short time on the radio show…

Upon my arrival at the studio I discovered that there was a pretty substantial amount of rainwater flooding the studio…since I am no stranger to a bit of moistness, the show went on…unfortunately, so did the rain. After the first hour it started to become apparent that sitting in a massive puddle, surrounded by and attached to a whole lot of electrical equipment, may not be the brightest idea. Not that the constant flurry of workmen trying to find the source of the leak while I am live on the air was making for any kind of sexy radio…

Unfortunately for Sinn Sage and my guest who was scheduled for later in the evening, Addie Juniper, Spice Radio pulled the plug on my show halfway through. I will be rescheduling both girls at their earliest convenience.



Next week is our ‘off’ week so there won’t be a LIVE show but there will of course be some kick ass replays so tune in, listen and laugh. I will be live again April 2nd and 3rd with Sarah Shevon as my guest on Saturday.

Hottie Sarah Shevon

Do your homework:


A few random quotes from the show (Mar 20):

We’re really wet in here right now. Unfortunately, it’s because the studio is flooded.” -Kylie

Sitting here in my landspeeder talking dirty with the guys.” -Kylie

One of the guys working on the (studio) rain leak  is called Noah. How appropriate.” -Kylie

Amber Rayne and I – we’re saving the universe… but not this Thursday.” -Kylie

“Israeli Rabbis marry lesbians to gay men… wait, what?” -Kylie

“If you hear a zap, a quick scream and static, call 911.” -Kylie

“If I said “Hi” to everybody who follows me on Twitter I would have a timeline 40 miles long full of Eggvatars” -Kylie

“Yeah… if he had the chance to go out with me, he would drag his dick through a mile of broken glass to do so..” -Kylie

Don’t piss me off. I’m gonna send you some psoriasis.” –Kylie

 (to Sinn Sage) “You are a very dirty girl/girl girl.” -Kylie

“The technical term is ‘breaky-break thing’.” -Kylie

And I leave you with a final quote from Captain Dave via Twitter: “Well, if the Jerkbox studio is flooding, does this mean God exists and really hates ‘Music to Fuck By’?”


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Live. Love. Lol.


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