Yesterday, today & tonight!

Yesterday was day 1 of pre-production for Star Wars XXX, that meant we spent all day looking for blaster & lightsabers, researching ‘How to build a Landspeeder’ & going through the Millennium Falcons blue prints with a fine tooth comb! (What?  …doesn’t EVERYONE have Falcon Blueprints?)

Anyway, today is gonna be yet another busy intergalactic day PLUS I have an interview for ARTE TV & I am planning to go to ‘Porn Star Karaoke’ tonight at Sardos, so I have to dash… I will have to blog all about my adventures in detail Later.

Meanwhile, for those who don’t what the hell I’m talking about (Eggs, I’m talking to you!) here’s a couple of links for my previous Star Wars blogs & a quick vid of me & Amber doing a script read for the film & even though neither of us are actually in it… it’s a great watch.

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