Spice Radio Sunday+recap

Quick recap on last nights radio show…

I had a super last minute change in guests. Fortunatly Tanya Tate was willing to give up a bit of her night off and swoop in to save the day…which was awesome because I had been bugging her to come on my radio show for ages! Fantastic chat with her; she is one of the busiest, most fan-friendly people I have ever met. So cool. We chatted about her many endeavors and even turned geeky for a few minutes, discussing ComicCon, Dr Who, Star Wars, Star Trek and a few others (she looks HOT in her Emma Frost costume btw)…

Tanya Tate

Unfortunately Skylar Price could not join me due to:

  • a. her agent forbid her to come on my show
  • b. her agent is a pompous ass
  • c. her agent hates me (long story)
  • d. her agent doesn’t see the value in PR
  • e. all of the above

I put everything together when Skylar Twittered her apologies to me. Below are the tweets I sent back to Skylar Price:

Skylar: I’m soooo sorry for the last min cancel. I was not aware that my agent didn’t allow the radio show. My sincere apologies.

Me: hun your agent hates ME. That is why. And he is a control freak, among other descriptive words I could use…

Me: Your AGENT didn’t ALLOW u 2come on my radio show? Answer this: how did THAT help YOU? Sirius is huge, he cost u invaluable PR

Me: an AGENT works 4 YOU, not the other way around. An AGENT is supposed to HELP your career.

Me: Your “AGENT” let his personal BS get in the way of your career & interfered w your Publicist (who YOU pay) doing HIS job as well.

Me: I’m not mad at u, pls take my words & think about them. I hear u are very nice, smart & u are pretty. Take control.

Me: Im discussin this on2nites show. Politics of porn/agents/the BS. 4u its goin2be negative PR, unfortunately. Thank ur agent.

While I have many things to say on this I am going to save it for later. On tonight’s radio show we will be discussing the political BS in porn, petty games people play, immaturity in the biz and agents. Trust me it will be an entertaining night of tell-all radio.

Of course tonight on the show at 8pm PST I have Sinn Sage joining me in studio…I had the pleasure of working with Sinn in Lesbian Office Seductions for Sweetheart Video – so you know we have stories! – and am looking forward to seeing her again! She’s smart, funny and sexy and it will definitely be a great show!

Sinn Sage

 Do your homework:

And as if two awesome girls over the weekend weren’t enough, I have a third little hottie  as a treat for you! Addie Juniper joins Sinn Sage and I around 9:30pm PST…just in time for Fetish:30! 

Do your homework:

Join us on Spice Radio, The Weekend Edition of The Jerkbox starring Kylie Ireland! Featuring hot-as-fuck guests, tell-all stories and brilliant segments weekly like Shit My Fans Say, Sex News and Fetish:30! 

Sirius 108/XM 248/Web 824

Every Saturday and Sunday evening from 7-11pm PST

Call in, if you have the balls: 1-800-SPICE88

Live. Love. Lol.


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For your entertainment, as well as to show you what you are missing if you aren’t listening, here are a few of the great quotes from last night’s radio show. Enjoy!

  • SO far the ‘Fucktard’ count is on around 50!” – @theandyappleton on how many time I say ‘fucktard’
  • ” What are you ? The god of fuck ? ” –Kylie
  • “The town is called CONDOM ..its not like u r makin a bad impression by sellin condoms in a town called Condom” – Kylie about a SexNews story
  • “’Live Lesbians ‘? Well i hope they are not dead …“ – @smiley_facEsS via Twitter
  • “umm how is @kylieireland gonna help him over the phone??  You cannot fuck a guy with a strap on over the phone? Or can you?” – @smiley_facEsS via Twitter about a caller request
  • “Sex in everywhere…the internet, TV, radio, advertising, magazines…Unless its NunsRus.com … you’re gonna find sex!” –Kylie
  • “What do monks do? Make cider?” –Kylie
  • “@kylieireland has gone mad… I completely deny the Harry Potter story!!!” – @theandyappleton via Twitter on me ratting him out that he reads Harry Potter to me aloud so I can hear it with the intended English accent.
  • “@kylieireland & @TanyaTate are totally geeking out on Harry Potter, Top Gear , Star Wars & Dr Who… & its brilliant!!” –exclaimed @smiley_facEsS via Twitter
  • “Put the furr suit away & call me.” –Kylie
  • “OK THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE!!! REALLY?? BARBIE GIRL FOR MUSIC TO FUCK BY? #headslap #hellno” – @smiley_facEsS via Twitter
  • “I’m babbling in circles. This is how you learn about the adult industry.” –Kylie
  • “They all think I’m insane, which is quite possibly the truth.” –Kylie
  • “Dammit! Now I have fucking “Barbie Girl” in my head!!! Aaarrrgghhhh!!!” – Kylie via Twitter after the show
  • “Listened to Country Music on FM radio on the drive home from my radio show. #iPodnotincar #BetterThanBarbieGirl #CommercialsSuck” – Kylie via Twitter after the show
  • “#Jerkbox ‘s original guest canceled tonight cause her agent (LA Direct) doesn’t like @Kylieireland …she won’t tweet it but #IdontGiveAFuck” – @theandyappleton via Twitter

Addie Juniper

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