Me on the STFU Show! x3!

One thing you can’t do with me is tell me to Shut The Fuck Up…which is why I am a great guest on the Shut The Fuck Up Show! Normally the show is hosted by Rick Bailey and jessica drake….however jessica is out of town so they asked me to come by for a few laughs…

Rick and I pretty much ended up throwing all planned topics out the window and telling stories for an hour…even [my husband] Andy Appleton popped in for the last few minutes of the show to share the story of how we met…a fun time was had by all! You can hear it here: …and it’s completely FREE!

Even better is that was asked back to do another two shows – c’mon, otherwise it would be Rick ranting for an hour – and the result is that this show might just be the most un-PC show ever. We apologize in advance. Kinda.

World traveller jessica drake will be back soon…good thing because we miss her!

Until then, enjoy the new shows!

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