Kylie & Raylene now ON DEMAND on Sirius/XM103/Spice Radio!

***UPDATE*** (2/16/2013) I notice a lot of traffic going to this post. THIS IS NOT THE CURRENT RADIO SHOW. If you are looking for info on how to listen to Kylie and/or Raylene please click here:


(Aug 18, 2012) This past April saw the beginning of a new radio show for me on Sirius/XM 103‘Let’s Try Anything’ with my dear friend Raylene… over the summer we have honed this weekly radio show into something entertaining, funny and even informative. Each week we discuss a new topic, different ways to try ‘something new’…we have discussed fetishes, swinging, anal, fisting, squirting, masturbation, sex toys…the list goes on and on…we tell tales from on set, dirty memories from our movies and camshows, naughty stories from our personal sex lives…take a peek into the lives of two legendary porn stars…

Every Thursday, from 7-9pm PST, the sexual mayhem continues. Unfortunately, some people rarely get to listen due to work or family time or significant others…but this is no longer and issue! At long last our shows are available ‘ON DEMAND’…yes, if you are a Sirius or XM subscriber you can now listen to our radio show whenever you want! How awesome is THAT? When you are signed into Sirius/XM all you have to do is type ‘On Demand Let’s Try Anything’ in the search box and you will have access to our past 4 most recent radio shows…

If you don’t have Sirius/XM you can listen for one week for absolutely free – no credit card needed – by going here:


What:  ‘Let’s Try Anything’ – with Kylie Ireland and Raylene

When:  Every Thursday night from 7-9 pm PST – NOW available ON DEMAND!

Where:  Sirius/XM 103 – Spice Radio

Why:  Do we really need a fucking REASON??? Just listen damnit.

Call: 1-800-SPICE 88 – 1-800-774-2388 –  keep it on topic please! The final 1/2 hour of the show is Ask Anything when you can ask us whatever you want, share stories/comments about anything or the topic, etc.

*If you call thinking you will get free phone sex, you will be mocked.*

4 comments on “Kylie & Raylene now ON DEMAND on Sirius/XM103/Spice Radio!

  1. Love, love you two and the show! Nothing better than beautiful women talking sex and cracking wise. With on demand now I won’t miss a minute! Finally!!!!!!!

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