ClipJacking FaceJacker

Unbeknownst to most of the cast and crew of Star Wars XXX, Kayvan Novak aka The FaceJacker, weasled his way on set. Whilst Andy and I managed to avoid him (hey, we had work to do!) a few of the others on set fell prey to his antics before word got around…

Clearly, they didn’t get much usable footage that day but here are the segments, edited together for your viewing entertainment.

This aired in the UK last week. Thanks to super-secret people-in-the-know for sending us the clips!

For more info and behind-the-scenes clips on Star Wars XXX search my blog! Also check out the BTS clip/slideshow from Production Design (that’s MY dept btw!) here:


Watch Star Wars XXX HERE!

…or hit up Allie Haze (aka XXX Princess Leia) on Twitter for a signed copy!

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