BTS of Star Wars XXX – really awesome!

Well it’s all over, StarWarsXXX finally wrapped the 1st week of June (2012), we had a few days post-production, breaking down/storing/sorting and after a few days of well earned sleep we decided to put together the whole story from start to finish in one kickass video… there was joy, laughter, tears and tantrums along the way but what a GREAT time we had, this is gonna be one HELL of a film.

So, here it is… ALL the bts StarWarsXXX pics that the production team took (and some that we borrowed) in one long slideshow/video.

Enjoy …

Here is a bit of something I posted on one of the geek blogs…it’s informative so I figured I would share it here as well:

The filming is complete on Star Wars XXX and we are all extremely proud of the way it’s come out – especially considering the amount of time we had to put it together – less than 2 months – and the budget – which was large by most porn standards, but no where near any mainstream project.

Casting (which I had nothing to do with) was based on auditions and available talent who look similar to the original characters. I will say Tom Byron as Obi-Wan was amazing and I was also very impressed with Seth Gamble as Luke (originally this role was another performer who dropped out just before filming). Everyone brought their A-game to this project and I guarantee it won’t be anything like lame Star Wars porn spoofs in the past.

Every person who worked on this movie is a fan of Star Wars (the ORIGINAL 3) and we are all total geeks. We did everything within our power and resources to make this movie look the best we could. The script -written by Eli Cross, who Produced/Directed and won multiple awards for Upload– it is actually quite funny. It’s not slapstick or lame – there are no dick-shaped lightsabers for example – but a very cleverly written take on the original story.

In order to have the movie differ from the original we were required to make slight alterations to costuming and props, but all are recognizable to anyone who has seen the original. As for the production design aspect I have done production design on several movies, including porn sci-fi epics Upload and The 8th Day, and along with my husband Andy Appleton and our awesome set design crew, have attempted to re-create the look of Star Wars. If you follow my blog you have seen photos and clips throughout the entire process from the day we brought the pile of lumber home to build the Landspeeder to the building of every set to audition clips and behind-the-scenes footage.

Our amazing lighting crew lit our sets to look as similar to original lighting as possible (that aspect will not be seen in photos, only in final footage), we have a stellar special effects guy and Eli Cross on camera has shot in exactly the same style as the original.

I, speaking as a fan of the genre and fellow geek, am confident you will all enjoy the final product. It’s the closest anyone has ever come to doing it right.

You know you want it for your personal collection: Get your copy of Star Wars XXX HERE!

You can also visit to download it directly/watch online: Watch Star Wars XXX HERE! 

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