Crazy with the Heat 3

I have spent the last couple of days taking my precious vhs collection and turing them into DVD’s & Mp4’s and even though I haven’t even dented the surface ( I have about 100 or so) and I am having SOOO much fun watching me in my early roles as a pornstar… especially my acting!

At some stage when I have completed transfering them all I am going to edit together a clip with some of my roles and publish it here on the blog… hopefully you will find it both amuzing and entertaining as most of you have watched me grow on on camera, the difference between then & now is AMAZING!!

Anyway, here’s a scene of me & Asia carrera from Crazy in the Heat 3… Go Roller girl!

9 comments on “Crazy with the Heat 3

  1. *LOL* nice landing,K! …..While you are beautiful as a blonde,you are just awesome as a redhead! Never,ever change!

  2. I have this on VHS somewhere… Isn’t there a great BJ scene with Vince Voyeur in this one? Or at least started with one… I know… they all do. But this one seemed extra special.

    • I have trying to purchase this film for YEARS! Just recently I was able to view the scene on Rexxx. com., but before I could buy/download it, it was removed from that m site and many others because of “a complaint from the owner”. I am willing to but can’t find where it is available.I would appreciate any help in this regard.

      Thanks, Joe

      • Unfortunately Joe, this movie is probably one of those that is lost to the sands of time…much of my early stuff is now. I have a VHS copy, that’s where I got this clip from. I don’t even think it was ever released on DVD. I am capturing the early scenes and putting them on my website… so unless you find it out there in a compilation movie, the only place I know where to find it is on Sorry I can’t help more.

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