Kick-Ass Weekend on Spice Radio!

It’s gonna be a fun weekend on Spice Radio… All big-names, all friends of the show and all strong, opinionated, beautiful and talented women. It’s gonna make for some brilliant listening entertainment.

Saturday night the extremely talented Zoe Voss joins me for some mayhem. Last week she came in for a teaser appearance…we discussed lust, exes, street art and with a lot of prodding, convinced her to play the saxophone. Who knows what we will get up to this weekend.

Speaking of street art, check out hers which was featured on the popular street art blog MelroseandFairfax…also read her blog at and follow her on Twitter .

In addition to Zoe, Saturday night is full of trouble. My favorite say-it-like-it-is guest is back: Melissa Monet. 90’s porn vixen, producer/directer of porn and mainstream alike and animal rescuer returns to cause some serious mayhem…beware. Bonus information: She is now on Twitter! .

On Sunday, my good friend, dirty porn girl and wrestlin’ babe Trina Michaels jetsets through Los Angeles for some work and some play. With me, Melissa and Trina in studio, it’s gonna make for some great fuckin radio!

Trina Fuckin' Michaels

Follow her on Twitter, if you are not doing so already: .


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