Nikki Charm on Spice Radio Sat – recap

Saturday night’s radio show fuckin’ rocked. My awesome guest, legendary porn star Nikki Charm came on and dazzled us with stories from her life and from porn…really it was more like girlfriends chatting away than an interview. Being that I used to watch her movies before I got in the biz, it was an honor to have her on the show. Such and awesome girl, strong, empowered, funny and sexy as hell. I truly look forward to having her on the radio with me again.

Be sure to look for her new scene in Tom Byron’s Seasoned Players 14 which hits the streets May 12!

Do your homework:

Don’t forget that Sirius/XM replays my show all day the following day on both Saturday and Sunday so if you missed it last night you can still listen today! Here are a few quotes from last night’s show:

“How often do you go to a pornstar’s blog to read about a Landspeeder?” – Kylie

“I think if you have seen Scream XXX, you should call in and tell me how awesome the production design is…” _Kylie

“If you don’t think i’m gonna build a Landspeeder and not get my ass banged on it, you’re crazy!” –Kylie

“One night, a girl’s gonna want to do a ‘Piledriver’ and I’m not gonna know what it is.” -caller asking what position piledriver is.

“Honey, NO girl is EVER gonna ASK for piledriver!” – Kylie

“Okay the day before Easter from now on is now ‘Shit My Pants Day’.” (a caller thought that’s what I was saying when I say “Shit My Fans Say”) – Kylie

“You only love me because I am the support system for my tits.” – Kylie

“People give me shit about not doing interractial. WTF? I do interracial. Its not like I have a problem with it…Obviously i don’t have a problem, I FUCKED Michael Jordan…” -Kylie

“It’s exciting to be the cashier at Guitar Center, then brought before a judge for racketeering charges.” – Nikki Charm

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Every Saturday and Sunday evening from 7-11pm PST

Call in, if you have the balls: 1-800-SPICE88

Listen. Love. Lol.


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