Julia Ann on Spice Radio w/ ME Tonight

Tonight on Spice Radio it’s the return of Julia Ann…expect mayhem tonight as we revisit “Julia Ann’s House of No” and enjoy her fabulous singing voice! It’s always fun on the show when Julia joins me!

Later around 9:30ish, just in time for Fetish:30 Sadie Hawkins joins us…you will have to listen to find out more.

Join us on Spice Radio, The Weekend Edition of The Jerkbox hosted by Kylie Ireland! Featuring hot-as-fuck guests, tell-all stories and brilliant segments weekly like Shit My Fans Say, Sex News and Fetish:30!

Sirius 108/XM 248/Web 824

Every Saturday and Sunday evening from 7-11pm PST

Call in, if you have the balls: 1-800-SPICE88

Listen. Love. Lol.


—> No Sirius radio? Listen to me LIVE on the internet… FREE 7day trial: http://www.sirius.com/freetrial Now you have NO excuse for missing it!

5 comments on “Julia Ann on Spice Radio w/ ME Tonight

    • No, I was there. Corporate at Sirius/XM fucked up. Spice is replays all this coming week. Starting on Monday with Ginger. They mistakenly started slotting in replays on Sunday which meant they were playing Ginger’s replay a day early. They figured it out after the first half hour then switched it onto my live show. Julia joined me around 8:30. Sorry about that, it’s not my fault. The replay’s of my show (they replay all day the following day up until the next live show) should be the whole show.

  1. I never said she wasn’t going to be on the show…my producer just got some guest times mixed up. She comes on often so keep an eye on my blog or our Twitter feeds…

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