Last weekend on Spice Radio…

This past weekend on my Spice Radio show was filled with hotness! I want to say a very big thank you to my sexy, amazing guests Sarah Shevon and Zoe Voss for coming on the show…

Until next week, here are some show quotes for your entertainment and so if you don’t have Sirius/XM (or listen on the internet) you can see what you are missing!

Saturday April 1, 2011: guest Sarah Shevon

Saturday’s guest: Sarah Shevon

  • It’s ‘Scream XXX’ with Ron Jeremy. No, wait. They scream *because* of Ron Jeremy!” -Kylie
  • “What we consider ‘normal sex’ would freak people out. […] The fisting was kind of nice, though.” -Kylie
  • “Has anyone found Lupe Fuentes yet? Nope, she turned sideways and disappeared.” -Kylie
  • “If you think porn girls can’t act, do a scene with Ron Jeremy.” –Kylie
  • “We are not 2 dimensional fuck machines. We are THREE dimensional!” -Kylie
  • A Charlie Brown XXX Parody: “I got 2 dicks up the ass.” “I got flogged until I screamed.” “I got a rock.” –Captain Dave via Twitter
  • “In payment, you get two camels and a turkey and one of my wife.”  -caller
  • “I hadn’t had prison sex or sex with women for 6 years” – a caller who just got out of jail
  • “I would love to have a dick for a day. Maybe a couple of days. I’d call my friends over. HEY GUESS WHAT I GOT?” -Kylie
  • “Is that your idea of a prank call? DO BETTER! ‘I like to fuck boys in the ear’ … sheesh…” -Kylie
  •  “… , I just love saying because it sounds cool…” –Kylie
  • My wife is inebriated upstairs. I’ll go see if she wants to piss on my dick on the phone.” -caller
  • I’m not THAT drunk that I’m gonna piss on you on the radio.”  -Kylie 

Sunday April 3, 2011; guest Zoe Voss

Sunday’s guest: Zoe Voss

  • “Just beware, I’m gonna say some stupid shit, and I’m probably gonna sing tonight.” -Kylie
  • “If I wrote down notes, I’d actually remember this shit. […] They fall through the holes in my brain.” -Kylie
  • I got some of the swiss cheese with the BIG HOLES …That sounded dirty didn’t it?” -Kylie
  • There’s lots of pussy on my blog. It’s because I’m the crazy cat lady.” -Kylie
  • “She’s dumb as a box of rocks.” -Kylie (one of my favorite things to say)
  • Okay, and you’re crazy as a shit-house rat .. congratulations.” -Kylie
  • “Note to self: Don’t do street art on radio days.” -Kylie
  • “You know what? You’re a poopyhead! So there!” -Kylie
  • “I spray-paint my own building. OOoooh, I’m badass, but I do it in a low-cut top. So it’s hot!” -Kylie
  • “Snot is hot!” said Zoe Voss, “It makes good lube.”
  • “I want to be a ballerina… No, I want to shove things up my crotch.”- Zoe Voss
  • “If you mention ‘Porn Parody’ one more time, I might throw up in my mouth.” –Zoe Voss

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