Rare Kylie Movie Flyers found!

Go here: Kylie’s Ebay Store – These few rare movie flyers I have discovered in a box can be YOURS!!!

Last year I moved and so recently I’ve been sorting through old boxes of stuff. The other day I opened one and found a few little gems tucked away at the bottom, it was a handful of various movie ‘slicks’ (super glossy ad flyers) from some of my early movies! These ‘slicks’ were originally sent to video stores and distribution companies as advertisements for upcoming VHS releases. They were also handed out at autograph signings and conventions.  I have no doubt that other than a few collectors; I am the only person with any of these. Most of them are circa 1995-96 and would be long gone, having been thrown away as little movie companies sold out to the larger ones. Tossed out after conventions instead of paying to have them shipped back to LA. Hell, many of the actual movies themselves have become lost in the sands of time, collecting dust somewhere on a shelf in Porn Valley. Never transferred over to DVD. Forgotten.

These movie flyers are brilliant lost relics of the heyday of porn and mile markers of my career.

Just check out the slide show below. Blonde, wide-eyed innocent me.  My first two boxcovers; Nightcrawlers and Titty Slickers 2. Babewatch 1 & 2. The movies where I portray the feisty Jane Bond – Never Say Never and Never Say Never Again.  Seymore and Shane Do Ireland, the movie with the infamous parking lot sex scene. Movies with endless memories and comedic moments like Ace Mulholland: Sex Detetective.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For all I know I own the only remaining copies of these movie flyers.

There were only a few of each so I decided to share the find with you. I set aside a couple for my memory box and decided to put the rest on Ebay. And you don’t even have to hassle with trying to win an auction. I posted them as “Buy it Now”, and at a low price, so don’t hesitate or they will be gone! Sort of a first-come-first-serve opportunity.

I will, of course autograph them personally to you.

Go here: Kylie’s Ebay Store


(Additionally there are some other great items in my Ebay store, including some of my favorite movies, trading cards, posters and 8x10s!)

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