As ‘The Great Website Facelift of 2001’ rolls on, expect to see more and more changes…at first they will be subtle, in fact you probably won’t even notice them, which is good. I am dumping the long disused calendar (SO impossible to keep the damn thing updated the way my schedule changes from day to day!) getting rid of some excessive categories, streamlining, organizing, updating… By the end of this week there will be several new sections in the ‘about me’ section; a new biography o’ kylie as well as an updated awards list (which is quite impressive if I say so myself) and a painstakingly organized movie list that not only includes a complete listing of my movies broken down by their original titles/companies/release dates but further lists of my internet scenes as well as movies I have directed, produced and even done production design on. It is indeed an impressive and long list! Coming soon you can expect a fully redone frequently asked questions list (now titled ask kylie) that will include all new photos.

All of this is in addition to the hundreds of naughty video clips, an equal amount of radio shows spanning from my first appearances on Howard Stern to KSEX radio to current radio shows and radio appearances. Did I mention the thousands of photos I have amassed over the years since its launch in 1996? Needless to say has more content than most performers’ websites…with new content posted weekly.

From now on all video clips will be bigger, better and higher quality than before, and I will be updating the video clip archives to the bigger size as the redesign moves on, so if one of your favorites hasn’t yet been updated, be patient…it soon will be!

I will be having sales in my online store at as well – out with the old and in with the new! I will be blowing out items and making room for new movies, photos and much more.

OH! And how could I forget! I will soon be adding my 24/7 webcams back to the website…yes, you read that right, several webcams LIVE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in my home!

Well, enough for now, I am just excited and wanted to share the plans…I will be posting progress right here in the blog as it happens so check back often!

Kylie x

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