I’m a bad ass… well i was nearly a bad ass!

I spent all day today trolling through my computer searching for awesome photos for ‘the great Website Facelift of 2011’…man, it’s weird looking through over 16 years of photos of yourself. I found some fascinating pictures that I had totally forgotten about like these:

These are photos from a movie that never happened…it was a gonna be a bad-ass action movie Nic Andrew was to be directing for New Sensations back in 2001 or so. I was going to star as the main assassin chick in the movie. In addition to this day of training to learn the proper way to hold and fire various movie guns to make it look believable, Nic also signed me up for one-on-one Martial Arts training. Just for this movie!

I don’t remember exactly the details of how the whole thing fell apart – some stupid corporate-or-legal-BS – such a bummer. I would have been a force to be reckoned with!

Kylie x

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