The search for Banksy….

So in the last few weeks I have been chasing street artist Banksy around Los Angeles & photographing some amazing graffiti… it’s a new little passion of mine, I just LOVE the creativity (and it’s kinda like a treasure hunt!)…

Anyway, I thought I would attach a few photos of the Banksy pieces I have found PLUS a couple of links to videos that we have done (‘we’ being me & Andy) ….I hope you like em.

Oh… here’s the links to the video clips:

One comment on “The search for Banksy….

  1. We passed by the boy with the gun art so many times in Westwood and wondered what was with all the commotion around it. If I knew you were just around the corner, I would have invited you over to our fire station for a meet and greet or at least a pic by the fire truck.

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