My brand new blog…

Hi everyone, it’s me… Kylie… as in Kylie Ireland… and this is my new blog!

Over the next few weeks, months, years (repeat to fade) this definatley is THE place to be to get ALL the Kylie info you need… and I literally mean ALL the info!… It could be anything from ‘I have a huge cat on my desk’ or it could be ‘I have a huge cocks in my ass’ …you name it, I’m gonna blog it!

SO, without further ado, WELCOME… now let’s get blogging… and to start off with you get a pic (of me!) 

See you back here soon…


2 comments on “My brand new blog…

  1. I know you don’t remember me. i met you once in vegas. I’m currently on face book and found your official facebook page and just wanted to say hi. My name again is aniss. look me up on facebook if you get a chance. love your movies

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