‘Apocalypse X’

Over the last two weeks, and 5 days of shooting, Andy and I worked our tails off doing Art Direction and props for the new Digital Playground epic ‘Apocalpse X’, directed by Jakodema. This photo album is a collection of photos from the shoot, many are my photos, but many more I have borrowed from everyone else’s FB and Twitter timelines since often I was too busy building the next set to photograph the one being shot. As a team we all created and captured some truly beautiful images and footage.

These photos are not only of the shoot itself, but of the talent, extras and crew that worked so hard…and some of the good times we shared.

These photos are in no particular order.

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We had a shoot reschedule due to severe rainstorms in the desert so we had quite a few changes in talent, so if I haven’t tagged someone in a photo it’s either because I am not entirely sure about their stage name or I just didn’t have time to label every photo….there are over 200 of them after all.

I don’t know when this movie will be released – fer Christ’s sake people, we JUST finished shooting it! – but I would hazard a guess at late summer/fall of this year.

‘Apocalypse X’

Directed by Jakodema

Starring: Stevie Shae, Veronica Rodriguez, Annika Allbright, Ava Karerra, Selena, Derrick Pierce, Steven St. Croix, Tommy Gunn, Rickie Calhoun and more.


A great review of Apocalypse X from Houston Don: http://www.xcritic.com/review/41496/stevie-shae-apocalypse-x/


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