LIVE stream of ‘Apples and Pairs’ Podcast Fri 10/11

Okay….we are recording a new ‘Apples and Pairs’ Podcast this afternoon and we are gonna do the live streaming feed again. This time, to avoid our internet crashing, we are going to do the show in 2 or 3 segments. Go to to join in the fun.

As before you will get all the fun and spontaneity -and titties! – of the LIVE show, and get to chat with Andy and I on breaks and we will do a post show Q&A.


Of course members of get to watch the live and archived versions free of charge on my site. Not a member? Well you should be! Otherwise watching the show on is gonna cost you a whole $1 or $2 to watch.

So if you are around this afternoon, stop in and take a peek. I am guessing we will get everything set up and rolling between 3-4 PST. I will tweet just before we start so follow me on Twitter at

The audio version – with all the fine production value – should be up on my blog – later today.

Talk atcha soon!


PS. Later tonight I am planning to do a live sex show…details to come.

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