Back from Vegas… with a BRAND NEW PODCAST!

In this weeks podcast we talk about the BTS mayhem behind the latest Axel Braun movie, the recent HIV scare in porn, the Jenna Jameson ‘comeback’ & the greatest joke that has ever been told… (It’s about Penguins)

One comment on “Back from Vegas… with a BRAND NEW PODCAST!

  1. Thanks for sharing your stories about working on the latest Marvel XXX parody which I find amusing and interesting. You guys are real troopers for finishing your filming after many long hours in a desert. So props to you & your crew. I’ll definitely won’t be driving a Chevy if the “walking dead” really happens.

    I’m sorry to hear about Cameron which is pretty fuck up. I think every adult film production companies should distribute OraQuick to their employers along with condoms to help prevent another HIV outbreak. Plus they should also work on improving the regulations between both straight & gay porn industries.

    I like the point that Andy brought up about the “newer generation of people in porn” and who should speak up for the industry. I always think of Nina Hartley as the “voice” of the adult film industry but she not going to be around forever, you know. This “newer generation” of porn stars could do more than just show their goods but also give helpful advice about sex and do’s and don’ts about the adult film industry. I know there’s a few porn stars in the industry now who do so but it wouldn’t hurt if there were more porn stars like them.

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