It’s our 10th podcast!

This week me & Andy discuss our last 2 weeks behind the scenes of porn …PLUS creepy fans, the hypocrisy of government officials, sex tapes & how parody laws works.

2 comments on “It’s our 10th podcast!

  1. Hey Kylie! How’ are you? Good I hope. First of all, congrats on reaching your 10th podcast. I finally find the time to listen to your podcast which I never listen before until now. I discovered you few years ago and have been a fan of yours since then. The topics that you brought up in the podcast were pretty interesting and you brought up good points.

    When you mention the teacher sex scandal I instantly thought about that Adam Sandler movie, “That’s My Boy” which is similar to the topic expect for the teacher stalking the student. I was like “WTF?! Why you are stalking him? But I guess like you say that the guy must have banged her that good that she wanted more.

    I also think it’s mess up how military bases are taking away nude magazines from soldiers to look at. Okay, sure the magazines can distract soldiers from doing their duties but it helps them to relieve stress and not worry about going into the battlefield.

    As for the topic about the Missouri woman getting being kicked out of the water park because of her bikini, I wouldn’t have kicked her out but I’m guessing the workers of the water park wanted to prevent 2 things from happening. 1) The woman having wardrobe malfunction 2) A sexual abuse from some stupid guy who can or can’t keep his hands to himself.

    I’m sorry to hear that you receive that weird negative sexual comment on your Instagram. I guess some guys don’t realize that porn stars are living people with feelings like everyone else and not a figment of imagination.

    In conclusion, I thought the podcast was pretty good. Congrats again to you and Andy on your 10th podcast. Keep up the good work! Take care.

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