FACTS on Measure B

From the Free Speech Coalition’s blog:

Here’s an infographic we would love for you to share with friends and anyone that you know will be voting in L.A. County on Nov 6. Simply put, these are the facts about Measure B, L.A.’s Condom Ballot Measure.

An L.A. County budget adviser this week just recommended 200 more layoffs for the County, mostly personnel from the City Attorney’s Office and LAPD.

Clearly, AHF does not care about Los Angeles taxpayers if they think putting condoms on adult performers is an most important “threat” to public safety in Los Angeles. The No to Measure B Committee asks you to put police, victims of crime and the citizens of Los Angeles first – ahead of Measure B, which will only waste desperately needed funding and resources.

For more information on the opposition to Measure B, please visit the website, where you can view videos voluntarily created by adult industry performers who are directly threatened by Measure B’s potential repercussions. And, if you feel strongly against government overreach, unnecessary regulations, wasting tax dollars and misguided legislation, please DONATE – even $5 can help – Please, help us in our effort and VOTE NO on Measure B!

***Thank you to Free Speech Coalition for this graphic and information. Please visit the following for more detail:




Also continue to my next blog entry for more information on Measure B….

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