Wanna take me home with you? Bid now!

The past couple weeks I have been posting some Kylie Collectables and other goodies on www.GingerLynnAuctions.com… the response has been great! Therefore I have just posted a whole slew of new auctions, just for you…

Click here for Kylie’s Kick-ass Auctions!

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Click here for Kylie’s Kick-ass Auctions!

Many of the items I put up for auction are one-of-kind items, like the sexy stockings I wore in my scene with Tom Byron in Seasoned Players 4, or my cum-soaked panties from my camshow the night before. I have sexy stripper heels I’ve worn in movies and on stage, the knee-high patent boots from Never Say Never and Never Say Never Again (1994), the sheer teal green lingerie from 1995’s The Passion and the topless latex dress I wore in The Story of O… all these items come with the movie I wore them in (if available) and/or photos of me wearing them.


I have an action figure, the company that made it is no longer in business, therefore they are pretty hard to find…they go for $80-$120 on eBay…I am starting the bidding on mine at $25…you might get lucky and get a stellar deal. And I only have a few left.

Wanna be the cool kid on the block? Then pick up all three of my trading cards! None of them are in print anymore and I have a few left…

You will find movies of mine, many of then not even available on DVD anymore, like Hayseed, In the Flesh, Babewatch… movies I have directed and movies I have starred in. Sometimes, if I have the actual photo stills from the movie I will make a package deal with movies and photos!

Click here for Kylie’s Kick-ass Auctions!

I have a limited number of ‘movie slicks’ and signing flyers from over the years, used as advertisements in stores and a appearances and conventions, these flyers were usually thrown away and I guarantee that in most cases I am the only one who has them available! I have a small handful of slicks from some of my very first boxcovers like Nightcrawlers, Never Say Never, Initiation of Kylie and Seymore and Shane do Ireland…and I am sharing them with you!

I happen to have a few magazines left from back in the day; Oui, Leg Scene, Busty Beauties, Dirty and Sexpose Magazine (the infamous one where I tell the true story of my evening with Michael Jordan). I have a few posters from various movies over the years like Wicked’s One Sleepless Night and Face Jam. And of course I have 8×10’s…as a blonde, as a redhead, clothed, nude, even a few black and white.

My Auctions!

All autographed personally to you.

While this sounds like a lot of options, and it is, I only have a couple each of movie slicks, DVDs, posters…and when those few are gone…they are gone for good.

That being said, don’t delay. Get your hands on some really cool Kylie collectables now…before it’s too late.

Click here for Kylie’s Kick-ass Auctions!


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