Scene of the Day: ‘Never Say Never’

Many of my early movies were originally on VHS, some made the transfer to DVD or were chopped up into countless compilation movies and many have disappeared over the years – victims of smaller companies selling out to bigger companies – or they sit somewhere, forgotten on a shelf, collecting dust…

Never Say Never is one of those no longer available on DVD however you can still find it for download…

This is one of my first few movies…and a classic.

It’s time to call in the big guns… Bond’s back. Barbara Bond that is… A 38 DD blonde, blue eyed maneater with the sexual appetite of a piranha. A body made for sin, and a dangerously high tolerance to the bizzare. As you might have guessed, our girl goes head to head with twisted terrorists, slobbering sodomites, whip cracking lesbians, sex mad scientists with pulsating probes… and it’s only her first day.

Download/watch it as the entire movie or by scene!

Watch Kylie in ‘Never Say Never’ NOW!


You can also see many of my naughty scenes, as well as exclusive content, camshows, behind-the-scenes clips and SO much more on my personal website (run by me!) at!

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