Project Save The Landspeeder (Star Wars XXX)

Last spring we built a Landspeeder.

Well, to be honest, we built much more than a Landspeeder, our kick-ass art direction team (headed by myself and my husband/partner in crime on production design, Andy Appleton) also built part of an X-Wing, the lounge and cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and most of the sets you remember from the original movie. We  had the extremely fun, yet extremely difficult task of recreating the look of Star Wars for Vivid/Axel Braun’s Star Wars XXX.

For those of you who aren’t in the know here is the slideshow of how we did it…

Star Wars XXX was released in February to huge sales and rave reviews… We have since put most of the props/sets in storage for the upcoming XXX sequels, however the Landspeeder doesn’t appear in Empire or Jedi… so what does one do with a scale replica of a Landspeeder made out of plywood and bondo that weighs approximately 480 lbs?

Ebay wasn’t really an option – though we tried – but people who were interested were in Europe…and one on the East Coast and another from Canada…shipping would have been astronomical. So our Landspeeder, after an appearance in the Vivid booth at Exxxotica LA, has languished in a parking space underneath the Vivid building. Finally we got the call that saying we needed to do something with it, that the prime parking space was needed and if we didn’t find it a home the Landspeeder was facing being thrown away.

Thrown away? Andy and I spent the first two weeks, 12+ hours every day, building it! Our blood, sweat and tears literally went into this thing…we were not going to have it thrown away. However Andy and I couldn’t keep it, we had no room and we had no friends in LA willing to adopt it or even store it. Plan B was we would take it to Burning Man and torch it as an effigy.

Then thanks to my dear friend Janey Hamilton, (aka porn legend Veronica Hart) we found a fabulous new home for our Landspeeder: The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. Last week Andy and I loaded it up on a trailer and headed out into the desert once more…

We spent the day with the fabulous folks who run The Erotic Heritage Museum (plus some volunteers) setting up the Landspeeder, doing minor repairs and setting up the display. In addition to the Landspeeder, Vivid donated a couple of the costumes from the movie, including a female Stormtrooper and a Tusken Raider. Soon there will be photos from the movie, posters/artwork and a video montage from Star Wars XXX added to the display. In September the museum is planning a party celebrating the museum’s 5th Anniversary and the new display. Check their website blog for details as they happen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas, I highly recommend you make the time to check out The Erotic Heritage Museum … It was my first visit to the museum and I was very impressed by their collection! Now with added Landspeeder…

Thank you to all of those who put their hard work into Star Wars XXX, thank you to Vivid for donating the Landspeeder and costumes and thank you to The Erotic Heritage Museum for helping us save the Landspeeder and give it a new home, one where it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Landspeeder Facts:

  • made of approx 25 sheets of plywood
  • engines are made of bongo drums
  • was built over the period of 3-4 weeks
  • it took 3 tries to cut the windshield properly
  • the steering wheel is from an X-box racing controller
  • it was built strong enough to not only make the trip to the desert for the shoot but had to be sturdy enough for 2 performers (Obi Wan & a female Tusken Raider) to have sex on
  • it has no working engine, nor wheels
  • it was designed with removable wings, tail and windsheild for easier transportation to the desert shooting location
  • to move it requires approximately 8 men
  • the underneath of the wings are signed by porn performers Kylie Ireland, Angel Vain and Brian Street Team (all of whom worked on it) and Andy Appleton

Own it! Get your copy of Star Wars XXX HERE!

You can also visit to download it directly/watch online: Watch Star Wars XXX HERE!


The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas

Erotic Heritage Museum on Facebook


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