May 1 – ‘Casino’ (National Photo Month)

May is ‘National Photo Month’. Therefore in a bold move for me I am going to share some of my photography. My photography is extremely personal to me and I don’t share it openly, easily or with many outside my circle.

I have been a quiet photographer for approximately 10 years, starting with a Nikon D-70 and currently on a Nikon D-90.

So here it it goes; one photo each day for the month of May.

For the first day I think it’s appropriate to start with a photo of one of the things I am more passionate about, Motel Signs ~ the neon behemoths of the post-Depression and Googie era; rusted motel and liquor store signs that are, in a way, street art themselves. The glowing neon never appealed to me; instead I prefer to photograph them in the harsh light of day capturing their neglected and weathered textures; great metal victims of the elements, rusting and peeling, broken neon… forgotten, decrepit and unloved.

While my choice for May 1st isn’t as decrepit as some I may share later in the month it is one of my favorites.




To see more of my street art and my pieces in the gallery you can go here:

For those of you looking for the naughty stuff:

One comment on “May 1 – ‘Casino’ (National Photo Month)

  1. Great photo; thanks for sharing your art. I just watched your interview on GFF and it referred to this blog; so; that’s a good thing. Hope to see more. Mitch

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