‘Let’s Try Anything’ ~ NEW Sirius/XM RADIO SHOW w/ Kylie & Raylene!

That’s right, after nearly a month with no Kylie on your Sirius/XM dial….I’m back!

And even better than just me being on the radio I am now going to be sharing the airwaves with the very lovely, talented and equally-as-snarky porn legend Raylene!

Raylene has been a regular and favorite guest on my [former] show The Jerkbox and I always said I wished she could be my co-host…I guess you should be careful what you wish for!

I jest of course…I am lookin forward to seeing what hijinx we get up to!

I don’t wanna spoil all the fun for you so you will just have to tune in and listen to the mayhem yourself! Here’s the details:

What:  ‘Let’s Try Anything’ – with Kylie Ireland and Raylene

When:  Every Thursday night from 7-9 pm PST – starting Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Where:  Sirius/XM 103 – Spice Radio

Why:  Do we really need a fucking REASON??? Just listen damnit.

Call: 1-800-SPICE 88, 1-800-774-2388 – keep it on topic please! The final 1/2 of the show is
Ask Anything when you can ask us whatever you want, share stories/comments about anything or the topic, etc. *If you call thinking you will get free phone sex, you will be mocked.*


What if: …you don’t have Sirius/XM??? Never fear! You can get it online! And just because I love you all, here is a link for the FREE trial!

—-> www.sirius.com/freetrial


Live. Love. Lol…

11 comments on “‘Let’s Try Anything’ ~ NEW Sirius/XM RADIO SHOW w/ Kylie & Raylene!

  1. Missed your show last wk, will try again this wk. Question, Have you ever squirted,or,peed while having your pussy licked? It is quite a turn on

  2. Heard you and your husband tonight. Really good the chemistry you two have. And it sounds like the sex is out of this world. Hope I can listen in again.

    • Awesome! Happy to hear you enjoyed the show. Hope you will listen again, my normal co-host Raylene will be back this week. Welcome to the madness!

      And yes, the sex is incredible! 🙂

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