#FebPhotoaDay ~ #whereyouwork

There are many places I could photograph for today’s #FebPhotoaDay – on set, shopping for props, on the phone in my car, in my bedroom on cams, on the internet, at Playboy Radio, in the streets doing street art, at Maximillian Gallery, behind the lens of my camera…the list goes on and on…however this would have to be the center of it all, the pinnacle of all the different facets of my career; my office/studio.

2 computers, dual monitors, a kick-ass photo printer, huge posters of my movies, stencils, spraypaint, my art and Andy’s art, my photography, my awards-including my AVN Awards, Pink Floyd action figures (yes I have both sets) and so on…

If you are wondering what this series of posts is all about go here for the explaination: https://kylieirelandblog.com/2012/02/01/febphotoaday/


If you are looking for boobies, nekkidness, dirty movies and absolute filth please go here: www.kylieireland.com

Why? Click this link for facts, reasons why and photos!—> KylieIreland.com – Why you want to join!

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