#FebPhotoaDay – #insideyourcloset

Here’s my #FebPhotoaDay ~Day 12~ #insideyourcloset This is one of my 2 overstuffed closets.

As an additional #FebPhotoaDay pic I will also include this self pic I took of myself in the mirror in the closet where I used to live in dowtown Los Angeles. It’s mostly a room I turned into a closet, but really, none of you are going care and thats not the point of this photo anyway.

If you are wondering what this series of posts is all about go here for the explaination: https://kylieirelandblog.com/2012/02/01/febphotoaday/


If you are looking for boobies, nekkidness, dirty movies and absolute filth please go here: www.kylieireland.com

Why? Click this link for facts, reasons why and photos!—> KylieIreland.com – Why you want to join!

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