#FebPhotoaDay – #button

Today’s #FebPhotoaDay challenge was ‘Button’. So I figured I would do something like this:

Or maybe something like this:

I added a different slant to it….

Then, suddenly it became obvious this was no longer a solo project…

My new furry partner had other design ideas:

So, I decided to try a different direction… and try something along these lines:

Again, he stuck his furry little nose in where it didn’t belong!

Apparantly buttons smell good….

…and taste good too!

This conluded today’s #FebPhotoaDay challenge.

Special thanks to my oh-so-helpful assistant Boomer Kitty.


If you are wondering what this series of posts is all about go here for the explaination: https://kylieirelandblog.com/2012/02/01/febphotoaday/


Here is Andy’s #FebPhotoaDay post for #button …featuring me:




Shameless plug: www.kylieireland.com

Why? —> KylieIreland.com – Why you want to join!

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