Follow the bouncing boobies!

Epic show tonight on my Spice Radio show on Sirius/XM103; Alex Chance is first to join the craziness…

Yeah, I am tryin to look cool in my sunglasses (actually, I didn’t put makeup on!)

More Alex Chance at ….

Eve Laurence joined the mayhem next….

..and complete insanity ensued… accumulating with both Alex Chance and Eve Laurence bouncing topless on a trampoline.

Quote of the Day: “Motorboat on a trampoline!”

Normally my radio show is the ADD show (squirrel!), but tonight it clearly went to a whole new level…AND I got the girls talking dirty to each other. Your welcome.

After the radio show Eve Laurence came to my house for tacos (not a euphamism) and meets the infamous Boomer Kitty!

Eve Laurence facts:

~She owns a weiner dog.

~She sings like an angel.

~She is awesome.

~She can be found at

~Eve will be returning to the show on Feb 19th!

~She had sex with a Wookie. (StarWarsXXX) – For some great BTS of Eve Laurence and Brandy Aniston on set of Star Wars XXX go here —> – for more info on StarWarsXXX, to see the official trailer and the awesome slideshow/video we put together just type “StarWarsXXX” into my blog’s search box…

Wanna see Eve in Star Wars XXX?  Watch Star Wars XXX HERE!


Follow Boomer on Twitter:


Coming up on my Spice Radio show in February:

4th – Raylene

11th – Kendra Lust

12th – London Keyes


More insanity every week on my Spice Radio show, LIVE Saturday and Sunday from 4-8pm PST on Sirius/XM 103…


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