How can I get my wife/girlfriend to_____?

ATTENTION MEN!!! Read this:

I LOVE than men are always asking me how to get their wives/girlfriends to do stuff…like I have the special answer or the key to this mystery.

All women are different – haven’t you realized this by now? – some are adventurous, some not, some dirty, some haven’t discovered they are dirty yet. Some are going to prefer standard missionary for the rest of their lives. Some have damage from former boyfriends, husbands, parents, etc that you don’t know about…that SHE might not even realize. There are also things you haven’t probably even thought about; like hormone imbalances and other medical issues (they do exist). Bottom line: She is YOUR wife. You are supposed to know her better than anyone else, so how am *I* supposed to know the magic words to get her to take it up the ass, have a 3-some or dominate you??? I don’t know the situation, the history… I don’t know either one of you!

DISCLAIMER: you need to remember that you are asking ME, I am a porn star of 17 years, and I have a sex-based radio show. I am OBVIOUSLY more open-minded and in-touch with my sexuality than the average woman. I am not a trained sex therapist, nurse, etc… all I can relate to you is what has worked for me and my observations over the years. What works for me, isn’t going to be a sure thing for every woman.

Women are complicated, complex and confusing creatures… and like snowflakes, no two are alike. They will rarely tell you the truth, even though they think they want to… and, then they will change their mind.

You need to not be so afraid of the dreaded fucking C-word…COMMUNICATION. Talk to her. Ask her what her fantasies are – and be prepared to fulfill them.  Make it about her. It’s give and take. You WANT something, be willing to GIVE as well. Don’t think with your fucking dicks.

KNOW that if you try something once, it might not be all either one of you expected. It might be a disappointment. DISCUSS it. Before, during and AFTER. <—-this is SO important. It’s okay if something doesn’t work out, know that this is a possiblity. Be understanding and caring, don’t assign guilt or blame. Remain calm and heartfelt during your discussions. Feelings are not right or wrong.

PAY ATTENTION to this: If she doesn’t want to do something, hounding her and repeatedly bringing it up will guarantee you will NEVER get to do it. THIS is the truth.

As I always say on my Sirius/XM radio show, if u need a good conversation opener, try this: “oh my god honey…I had the most bizarre and hot dream last night…  “___(describe dream here)___” and you…you were stunning and beautiful and in the dream u were so into it and I was hard as as a rock…. it was crazy! *pause and look embarrassed* …what do you think of that?” At least you will have opened the lines of communication. Otherwise, especially without knowing you both, it’s impossible to even answer this question…. I wish there was a secret answer. But there isn’t. Communication. Communication. Communication.

….Now, men, reread this several times….thinking about each part. Then go read it all again.

Thank you.

PS. Feel free to comment here and I may be able to elaborate more…I make no promises. My radio show is on Sirius/XM103 every Sat and Sun from 4-8pm PST. 1-800-SPICE88. For a free trial go to

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