Hello to Twitter!

I have recently had an imposter on Twitter who is using a photo of me (that I own the rights to) and Tweeting – AS ME! In addition this imposter is following/DMing people asking them to send money upfront for supposed private camshows. Of course these never happen: 1. Because if they tried to do a camshow it would be quite obvious that it is NOT ME. 2. it’s  just a scam and this persona is taking advantage of my fans.

After much reporting to Twitter, a barrage of tweets to the imposter from my fans and an outpouring of support for me, I have sent in the info to prove that I am indeed the real Kylie Ireland (www.twitter.com/kylieireland) as well as to hopefully get my account officially verified.

Long story short, I just wanted to leave a quick post on my blog saying:

“Hello Twitter! ~from Kylie Ireland”

PS. all the links in the right navbar are to my various other sites and places I can be found on the internet…

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