Original Post – May 9, 2011:

Just a quick note of thanks to everyone who sent positive thoughts and love for our very sick kitty Julius. He went to the neurologist today after the tests taken during his visit to the vet on Friday came back fine. It turns out he has ‘Horner’s Disease’ which is often caused by ear infections (which he had about a month ago). Its the sort of thing that nothing could have been done to prevent, however it is totally curable and they expect a full recovery in 3-4 weeks. He is on super-antibiotics and will be super kitty again soon.

We are breathing a HUGE sigh of relief.


Updated Post – May 31st:

Instead of posting a new blog I decided to just add to this one. I love the little slideshow and Andy just added a great video clip (below) that he took of Julius a few months ago.

Tonight we had to put my Kittenface to sleep. We thought he was getting better, just this morning he was meowing at us for food and treats. He had been eating quite a bit and although still a bit wobbly we thought he was gonna fight his way through. When we came home tonight he had taken a turn for the worst and started having seizures. We took him to the emergency animal clinic – everything moved so fast – and we had to let sweet Kittenface go. Heartbreaking. Completely. I can’t stop crying.

Nine years ago Julius was my Birthday present, a rescue kitten from a lady who took in pregnant unwed stray mother cats. I picked him out – or rather he picked me out – as he stood on his tiny little back legs, mrrrowling and clawing at my ankles. When he came home I started calling him Velcro, because thats the sound he made as you tore him off your leg after he walked halfway straight up it using his little razor-sharp claws…

I always called him Kittenface…and sang really badly sung Kittenface songs to him. Eventually his name changed to Julius – as in Orange Julius, the sweet fluffy orange drink. I have so many stories of  him – the way he would admire himself in the mirror (Kitten Beautiful, one of his many other nicknames), his love of yogurt, the time he fell in the swimming pool… and those oh-so-tufty paws! Juju kitty had this way of meowing while purring, making his meow sound musical. When he was happy, or wanted to really turn on the charm, he would shake his tail (Shaky Tail!) whilst singing at us.

Julius would hop up on the countertop, which was a big woodentop style and watch me cook…I would threaten to chop off those cute little bite size paws and eat them in one bite. Nom nom. When he grew weary of my paw-munching threats, he would walk away and I would make fun of his ‘pantaloons’ which is what he looked like he was wearing because his butt was so furry.

I have never seen a cat so obsessed with kneading. He would knead at you, the pilllow, the bedding….for forever. It was like it was his job to soften everything. Not only did he knead with his front paws, he would knead with the back paws as well. I have never known another cat to knead with all four feet at the same time….

When I lived downtown, he and Boo were inseperable, sleeping curled up in the cutest positions ever in the basket…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the last year, he had really taken a shine to {my new husband} Andy. Julius followed him everywhere. Mostly because Andy spoiled him with too many treats, but Julius became his shadow…waking him every morning, pestering him for treats throughout the day and sitting on his chest at night awaiting his nightly kitty nummies.

Juju fought to get better. He really did.

Dammit, there is going to be a furry orange hole in my life.


Kittenface, Kittenface…no longer takin’ up much kittenspace…

Kittenface, Kittenface…we will be missing you in your place.

Kittenface, Kittenface…so many tears running down my face.

4 comments on “Kittenface

  1. Kylie,
    Started crying while watching the slideshow. Funny how cats do so much in our lives…I never fail to marvel that it was of our mutual love of cats that you and I became friends. I have so much respect that you rescued every single pet you have.
    We grieve with you on the loss of your beloved kittenface and hope you take comfort in knowing one day you’ll be reunited with him again…

    we love you,K

    m and dj

  2. The follow-up blog was a bit heartbreaking to read. He was a big part of your daily routine. Going to be tough to get used to him not being there. One thing I am sure of, you will carry him with you wherever you go. RIP Julius.

  3. Condolences to you and Andy. That is a rough thing for anyone, but especially when it is someone who becomes more of a part of the family than just a pet. Memories are the best part when it comes to life, even though life may end; memories live on forever in our hearts. I know that is where Julius is in yours. Pooh Bear said it best, RIP Julius.

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