Street Art Gallery Show a Success!

Last night was the opening of my first ever gallery show at the Maximillian Gallery in the Sunset Marquis Hotel. I certainly had NO idea what to expect and was floored that people were waiting outside for the gallery to open and it was completely packed for the entire night. As the night went on it was like everything was just swirling around me in a blur of excitement.

Many of my friends showed up at various times throughout the night to show their support and I was thrilled to be able to share such an amazing and magical night with them. Thank you so much to those who attended.

In addition to the art, the gallery also secured a 10 ft Gibson Guitar, part of the project where they have various artists/musicians decorate the guitar and after being displayed on Sunset Blvd is autioned off for charity. The guitar was unveiled last night, a rock-n-roll centerpiece to the street art filled gallery in THE rock-n-roll hotel. (the pix below are from the night I added my art to the guitar, unfortunately I forgot to get pix last night of the completed guitar – I will add them in a couple days)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had 5 pieces in the gallery, each completely unique to this show, different designs than my street art. Out of those 5 pieces…3 sold last night. The words elude me. I suppose stunned, flattered, unbelievable, joy and happiness could all fit. Two pieces, Motel Star and Catoflauge sold to collectors and the third, a piece titled Bondage was bought by a fan-turned-friend, a sexy little number I met via Twitter who goes by @Trix-is-4-chics.

If you would like to own a one there are still 2 DeeKay pieces available in the gallery and/or you can buy a limited edition (onlt 30 made) print of Motel Star here:

The street art gallery show ‘What Graffitti is to New York – Street Art is to Los Angeles’ runs May28th though June 30th. For more information on the Maximillian Gallery at the Sunset Marquis Hotel please visit:

For more on the all the artists, including their art LIVE in the streets please peruse and for updates on my street art as DeeKay and info on the history of DeeKay go to

A BIG thank you and a hug to Maximillian Gallery and Melrose and Fairfax for the opportunity to create, thanks for an amzing evening and congratulations on a successful show!

Don’t miss this gallery show…it is amazing…

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