Sensi Pearl Rocks Spice Radio Sunday

Sunday’s guest on the show is rising star Sensi Pearl. Fresh off her live shoot for, XRCO ‘Heart On Girl’, Sensi has been in the biz a little over a month and is making waves with her innocent looks and not so innocent ways.

Allegedly this sexy little number is no stranger to being in front of the camera, seeing as that she was a former child star for Disney. Read it for yourself. 

Sensi Pearl
Be sure to check out her new website at

Join us Sunday, May 8th on Spice Radio (now on Sirius/XM 103) to find out all the details and get to know her in depth…


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One comment on “Sensi Pearl Rocks Spice Radio Sunday

  1. Best of luck with new production! Also happy B-day! Hope you liked X-mas stuff. Will have things for you soon! Best, David.

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