A hive of scum & villainy

Today we built Mos Eisley… well, we built the walls for Mos Eisley, Oh & I finished sanding the Landspeeder & even added a wing! This set is HUGE!!! Seriously, it has 24 4ftx8ft flats (which we built) PLUS 6 4ft x 12ft flats and today we spent ALL day putting them together and making it look like a cantina ….now comes the job of making it look ”Tatooine-y”

So before I go any further I just wanna thank the crew for todays hard work, it comprises of Dizzy cash, Brian Streetteam, My friend Janice & of course Andy. But wait there’s more… Tomorrow we have Angel Vain (yes… the super sexy porn star) joining us! So (as we did today) if you wanna join in the fun we will be streaming all the action LIVE (and for FREE) on twitcam, watch out for my tweets around midday when I will be posting the link on twitter… that’s http://www.twitter.com/kylieireland for those of you who live under a rock!

And as ever… here are some bts pics from today:

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