Details on my FIRST artshow


All details & info about my first street art show are taken from Melrose & Fairfax, a SUPERB street art blog, one of the biggest & best. Check em out at: …thanks you guys, this is gonna be an AWESOME show, I hope that you all can join me.

If you wanna see current pieces that I am working on or works  I’ve done that are out on the LA streets, check out:  & follow me on twitter at:

Los Angeles has set itself apart as the worldwide mecca for street art. LA has the busiest streets, the biggest name artists, and the most local talent. It is widely recognized as the hottest spot for street art in the world.

MELROSEandFAIRFAX has been curating the streets of Los Angeles for over a year, and now we are super excited to be curating our first gallery show.

The show is being held at the prestigious Maximillian Gallery at Sunset Marquis. It is entitled ‘What Graffiti is to New York – Street Art is to Los Angeles’ and it features a dream team line up of the very best street artists and biggest stories in Los Angeles.

It is going to be epic. This is the show that will define the genre and solidify LA’s place in the street art scene to the rest of the world.

Street art in LA is blowing up. From Banksy’s latest visit, to the MOCA exhibition, and on every street corner and rooftop in between, the force of this movement is undeniable.

In a similar manner to the way that New York is widely recognized as the home of graffiti, Los Angeles is currently experiencing the same definitive movement in the world of street art. And this art show ‘What Graffiti is to New York – Street Art is to Los Angeles’ is going to claim the scene. Its going to be epic. This show has the biggest name street artists and brightest stories in the game, and it is being held at arguably the most upscale gallery to ever host a pure street art show (that is, with real street artists who are out on the streets and not artists who dabble with murals on walls). And in 10 years this will be the show, and the artists, that the history books (and blogs) will refer to as making the jump from street to gallery, and defining the street art genre.

Not only does the show have the top street artists getting up on the streets, it also has some of the most fascinating stories. The show features everything from a 9-year old street artist, to a porn star star street artist. And covering everything from an artist who had a flattering interview with Forbes, to a street artist featured on NBC National News for being arrested. This show not only has the biggest ups, but the juiciest side stories and is sure to be interesting on so many levels.

We are also extremely fortunate to have gallery owner, Caradoc, supporting the street art movement. He comes from an amazing art family, his mother is an artist whose work is in The Smithsonian and his grandmother’s art gallery archives are housed in the Smithsonian. In his own right, Caradoc has done extremely well with marketing in the business world. His connections and prowess are sure to take the street movement to the next level. The location of the Maximillian Gallery in the lobby of the Sunset Marquis hotel couldn’t be better.

We have said many times that street artists are the rock stars of the art world, and the Sunset Marquis plays host to the rock stars of the real world, and this show will have unprecedented exposure to celebrities and affluent art connoisseurs. It is a great opportunity and really amazing to be teamed up with Caradoc and The Maximillian Gallery.

The show is going to feature original artworks from each of the artists, original photos from MELROSEandFAIRFAX, exclusive sticker packs, and, super limited Maximillian Gallery at Sunset Marquis embossed prints.

We have an amazing line-up making up a dream team of Los Angeles street art. With so many artists, and all the activity on the streets it was hard to make the cut, but there is no doubt that this selection is cream of the crop. We got everyone we wanted, and as the blog has shot up to being the #2 street art blog in the world, these are our hand-picked top artists on the scene.

-Alec Monopoly
-Dog Byte
-Free Humanity
-Bankrupt Slut
-Gregory Siff
-Homo Riot
-KH no. 7
-Desire Obtain Cherish
-Cyrcle & DD$
-Bod Bod

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